Trattoria Del Pennello, Typical restaurant in Florence





Restaurant Il Pennello, the vintage trattoria in Florence

The man smiling in the first picture is Gino Brogi and his nickname is just Pennello. Some customers know him since 1969, when together with the old partner Armido Nenciolini acquired the management of the restaurant. The next photo shows the wry smile of Giovanni, a Florentine by birth and son of Armido, who continued the tradition on his father’s footsteps together with Gino since 1978.

Il Pennello is not only a place where you can eat and perhaps even well, and we take it for granted; Il Pennello is a place where Gino and Giovanni, and all their staff, will welcome you with a smile . You will enjoy your lunch listening to cooking stories, stories of Florence, anecdotes about Il Pennello. They will spice your dishes with the warmth that will make you remember being in Florence and that Il Pennello has been a key part of your trip!

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