Restaurant il Pennello, the vintage trattoria in Florence

It’s easy to say Restaurant!
A lot romance lies behind the idea of opening a restaurant: cook the dishes that each of us would wish to find in a menu, give the kind of service you would expect to receive, set up a setting in our image and likeness, to rely on immediate or rapid collection times. Many are those who have thought of setting up an enterprise like this: some of them realized it, just a few managed it as a company: paying all suppliers, even when you change them; being the first to arrive in the morning and the last to go out; serving all customers with the same style; accepting praises but also criticisms; working closely with the same people every day, in the same environment… and hoping that this will happen for many consecutive years.
So we are glad to share photos of the dining room, but mostly of the exceptional people working for Il Pennello, hoping to convey with their smiles a bit of the passion they employ in doing a job very nice but also very exhausting, to make you breathe a bit of the perfumes they breathe, but especially to thank them for all the time they devote to Il Pennello Restaurant.

Thank you guys!
Gino e Giovanni

This photo was taken by Chuck and Judy Morgan, two customers and two friends of Gino, on the occasion of their last visit to Florence. They sent it by email a few days ago writing:

“We enjoyed the food and wine so much that we came back for dinner the following night! Thanks for making our stay in Firenze so much funny.”

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