A real Tavern? It’s the one in Florence

A “trattoria” in Florence is a place where you can eat well at a relatively low price. In Rome it’s called “osteria”. An overview of the etymology of fine food.

No need of a vegetarian restaurant to eat meatless food

No need to choose a vegetarian restaurant to eat good meatless food: just a touch of Tuscan tradition will do the trick.

A vintage restaurant in a “delicious” App

Our ristorant has been included in the list of recommended restaurants of the app Florence Delice – Leonardo Romanelli’s Florence.

The old town centre of Florence and its taverns

What do we mean by “historical trattorie” in the centre of Florence? How old are they and how ancient is their history? A short explanation.

Menu of the month, October 2013

Discover the menu of the month October at the Il Pennello Tavern in Florence: pappardelle, taglierini, gnocchi cooked in the traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Your comments collection

We report here all the comments, compliments and testimonials about your experiences at Il Pennello Restaurant in Florence. The numerous and excellent comments received in more than forty years have convinced us to publish them, with all our gratitude for appreciating our work.

Menu of the month, June 2013

Menu of the Month, November 2013

Wild boar stewed, with polenta: it’s a recipe which took a long time to prepare, but we definitely suggest to taste!

Menu of the month, May 2013

My grandmother used to say: “in May mushrooms you should try”. Porcini Mushrooms still have prices that cannot be applied by a restaurant, so they are eaten by seekers only. But spring is in its full splendor and offers us flavored vegetables: zucchini, zucchini flowers, lots of asparagus, peas, broad beans, the last artichokes before the heat makes them too hard, and many juicy salads.

Gino for ever!

What a beautiful picture! We got it from the mother of this little girl who was photographed 28 years ago with Gino. Today this “child” is 31 years old and Gino 74, but in spite of their age, and also our, nothing has changed about the children welcome at Il Pennello.