Gino for ever!

katie and gino
Gino for ever!
What a beautiful picture! We got it from the mother of this little girl who was photographed 28 years ago with Gino. Today this “child” is 31 years old and Gino 74, but in spite of their age, and also our, nothing has changed about the children welcome at Il Pennello.
The restaurant has two high-chairs of the same model of wooden chairs, so children will feel like “adults”, while pushchairs and prams can be left open around the tables, that will be those that our staff knows to be best suited to the needs of families. Here the cover charge does not exist, there is not minimum order and we don’t have a children’s menu because you can ask for whatever you want, in the menu or extra menu. The price we apply is proportioned to the choice, and in case you order half portions, the price will be the half.
A note on the children’s list of options: we like to educate children to choose from the menu in order to make them feel responsible for their own choices… then the adults will negotiate the quantity!


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