No need of a vegetarian restaurant to eat meatless food

ristorante vegetariano
Vegetarian food: as a personal choice, for health reasons, to change one’s customary diet and discover often neglected flavours. For these and for many other reasons, vegetarian food is enjoying a success that would have been unthinkable only ten years ago.

The offer changed accordingly, even in our city. Finding vegetarian restaurants in Florence nowadays is getting easier and easier and even non-vegetarian restaurants are organising their menus to accommodate also customers who prefer to avoid meat.

Were they all compelled to include kamut and seitan? To tell the truth traditional Tuscan cuisine allows eating healthier and really natural vegetarian food with no need to purposely scout for a vegetarian restaurant. If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Florence, then, your best option is to try and think to the menu and not the name of a place, while also trying to rediscover the traditional dishes of Tuscan cuisine.

The habit of eating meat or fish (almost) every day is indeed very recent: a result of the wealth of the 60s and the economic boom of the post-war period. In a land with a mild climate and a flourishing agriculture like Tuscany, vegetarian dishes have always been predominant. The reasons are simple and objective: plenty of agricultural products on one side, and the price of meat on the other.

The genuine food of a traditional trattoria has a feature worth considering, when compared to the menu of many vegetarian restaurants: they offer traditional dishes prepared with local products and fresh vegetables – almost an implied “zero km” policy.

Unbelievable? Here are the best dishes of Tuscan food, the traditional soups that you probably won’t find in a vegetarian restaurant in Florence but which have always been part of our menu:

  • ribollita
  • pappa al pomodoro
  • carabaccia
  • Spelt soup

Being based on the use of several bean sorts, Tuscan soups are absolutely complete from a nutritional point of view. They combine carbs and proteins and also ensure a highly digestible product.


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